灰腹綠錦蛇 (Rein Snake, Rhadinophis frenatus)
Among the entire distribution range of the Rein Snake (Rhadinophis frenatus), Taiwan is the only record in island. Since 1993, the first individual has been discovered in Li-Long Mountain by Mr. Wen-Horn Lin, fewer than 20 living specimens have been found and most of them were adults; it's an extremely rare species among Taiwanese snakes. In adult, the dorsal coloration is green; but it's grey in young individuals. The one in this picture is bluish green, maybe we can classify it as a "subadult". I think, this stage of the coloration is the most beautiful one in R. frenatus!
在灰腹綠錦蛇 (Rhadinophis frenatus) 的天然棲地中,台灣是唯一分布在島嶼的紀錄。從1993年林文宏先生在里龍山發現第一條之後,近20年間被明確記錄的活體數量應低於20條,其中大部分都是成體,是台灣目擊紀錄最少的蛇之一。幼體為灰色,成體為綠色,此圖中的個體略呈藍色,就姑且稱之為亞成體吧!這真是灰腹綠錦蛇最漂亮的一個階段了!


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