北方喙頭蜥 (Northern Tuatara, Sphenodon punctatus)

After few sounds of the shutter, Luca said: "Sorry Logan, few more pictures, just a moment, please." "Sure! Take your time... We still have some time to spend before the dusk." But Luca stopped taking pictures within just three minutes: "Who cares? We want to find Tuataras!" Haha, Luca is really a Taiwanese under western jacket! I picked up my bag from the ground: "OK, let's roll!" Along the route we already explored that morning, we searched everywhere which was possible carefully under the forest, for in case we lost the first Tuatara we met in NZ. "Luca! Right there! The TUATARA!!" Luca is a very quick-response guy, he jumped up the slope I point at even when he was not yet spot the Tuatara. "See? Over there! It's just ran a little bit!" "Oh, it's two!" But the explosive force is pretty strong for Tuataras, we can only caught one. WoW...! It's really AMAZING!! The top goal of our great adventure this time in NZ: the Northern Tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus) is right now struggling on our hands when that night! "You see the scales?" "Look at the tail...!" This race which subsisting for 225 million years, this individual which was very likely older then the sum of our age, the features, exterior, behavior, body temperature... Everything it presents brought us, the two Snips, so much shock and impressiveness! It's so different with other reptiles! If we have to find out the similarity between Tuaturas and other reptiles, I think it should be... Under the face covered with scales, we can't see the facial expression, but the hidden feelings and experience are not less than an out-going, warm-blooded animal. Yes, reptiles are a cold hands, warm heart family!

按了幾次快門,Luca 說:「拍謝,我再按個幾張,稍等一下喔!」「沒問題,離天黑還有一段時間,慢慢來呀~」並給了一個微笑。但 Luca 拍不到三分鐘,自己又說:「算了,誰在意這朵花呢?我們的目標是喙頭蜥啊!」哈哈,Luca 真是一個西方外皮下的台灣人!我從地上把包包提起:「那我們就開工上路囉!」沿著我們上午勘察好的路線,打著手電筒仔細搜尋森林下可能的環境,生怕一個遺漏,就錯失了我倆在紐西蘭的第一隻喙頭蜥... 「Luca!那邊!喙頭蜥!」比較靠近山坡的 Luca 反應很快,立刻跳上我手指的方向了... 但他還沒看到喙頭蜥XD 「那邊!又跑了一下!」「兩隻!」但喙頭蜥爆發力強,只能先逮住一隻了...!WoW!我們本次紐西蘭大冒險的頭號目標:北方喙頭蜥 (Northern Tuatara, Sphenodon punctatus) 現在正在手上活生生的扭動著呢!「你看牠的鱗片...」「看看牠的尾巴...」這個延續了兩億兩千五百萬年的種族,這隻年紀非常有可能和我倆歲數總和相差不遠的老前輩,牠所呈獻出來的一切特色、外觀、行為、體溫... 都帶給我們兩個小鬼頭無比的震撼與感動!和其它的爬行類相比之下是那麼的不同!若真要說有什麼和其它爬行類相似的感覺,那就是,在那張佈滿鱗片、看不出表情的臉孔下,蘊藏的感情與歷練是不會比感情外放的溫血動物來的少的!是的,爬行類就是這麼一群外冷內熱的可愛動物囉!


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