安哥洛卡陸龜 (Angonoka tortoise, Astrochelys yniphora)

Beautiful, isn't it? The beauty of the Angonoka Tortoise (Astrochelys yniphora) also brought them a big trouble. About only 400 individuals in the field, and they're trying to keep the species alive... Some scientists supposed the Angonoka will be extinct in 10-15 years! The most beautiful wifldlife only can be found in the nature, and also could make people impressive! I'd love to go and visit them more times if possible!

很美,對嗎?安哥洛卡陸龜 (Astrochelys yniphora) 的美卻也同時給牠們帶來了大麻煩,400隻左右的野外族群正在為了種族的存續努力中,有些科學家認為牠們將會在10-15年後野外滅絕!只有生氣蓬勃的野生動物,才能展現最美的姿態,也才能讓觀賞者獲得畢生難忘的回憶... 有機會的話,一定要再去一次!


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